Paper sewing pattern Women’s Trousers Slacks Olinda (32-52)


Paper Pattern + Sewing Manual

Colored printed paper pattern for cutting or tracing by mail.

Comprehensive, illustrated step-by-step instructions as a PDF (download link included in the paper pattern).

SIZES: EU 32 – 52

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Beginner with some sewing experience

woven fabric with a 2 – 5 % elastane content, such as stretch denim, stretch satin, twill with elastane, twill with elastane, or corduroy with elastane

Olinda is a slim-cut trousers with side seam pockets and an optional faux welt pocket at the back It’s truly easy and quick to sew, making it a great project for beginner sewists with some sewing experience.
The darts and the elastic waistband at the back ensure a comfortable fit. How to adjust the pattern to fit your figure is described in the instructions.


  • Sporty or elegant, depending on the choice of fabric
  • With or without faux welt pocket(s) at the back
  • To be made as long or short trousers


With this pattern, you can sew yourself a slim-cut women’s trousers, Slacks with patch pockets.

Body Measurement Chart
To determine the correct size, measure your hip circumference at the widest point at the level of your buttocks (the measuring point is relatively low). When choosing the size, only the buttocks circumference matters! The pattern explains how you can adjust the rise.

Gesäßumfangbis 90 cmbis 950 cmbis 99 cmbis 103 cmMaß zur Wahl der Größe
Oberschenkelumfangbis 52 cmbis 55 cmbis 58 cmbis 61 cmDarf nicht überschritten werden
Wadenumfangbis 32 cmbis 34 cmbis 35 cmbis 36 cmDarf nicht überschritten werden
Gesäßumfangbis 107 cmbis 111 cmbis 114 cmbis 117 cmMaß zur Wahl der Größe
Oberschenkelumfangbis 63 cmbis 64 cmbis 66 cmbis 68 cmDarf nicht überschritten werden
Wadenumfangbis 38 cmbis 40 cmbis 42 cmbis 44 cmDarf nicht überschritten werden
Gesäßumfangbis 120 cmbis 123 cmbis 126 cmMaß zur Wahl der Größe
Oberschenkelumfangbis 70 cmbis 73 cmbis 76 cm1Darf nicht überschritten werden
Wadenumfangbis 46 cmbis 48 cmbis 50 cmDarf nicht überschritten werden

Fabric recommendation
The best choice is woven fabric with a 2-5 % elastane content, such as stretch denim, stretch satin, twill with elastane, twill with elastane, or corduroy with elastane.

Required Amount of Fabric (With a fabric width of 145 cm)


Required Materials

  • Fabric (see above)
  • 5 cm wide elastic band for the back waistband (required length see table)
  • Possibly fusible interfacing for the faux welt pocket
  • Possibly seam tape for reinforcing the pocket opening edge
  • Scissors, measuring tape, pins, or clips
  • Sewing machine, serger/coverlock machine (if available), iron

Seam and hem allowances
The pattern does not include seam and hem allowances. These must be added individually when cutting.

Legal Notices

All rights to this sewing pattern are owned by Ilka Matthiessen. This pattern may be used for personal use and for making up to 20 total copies for commercial sale. If you want to sell more, please acquire a commercial license.. Mass production of garments made using this sewing pattern as well as distribution or sale, exchange, copying, printing, or publication (even partial) of this sewing pattern is strictly prohibited. When selling garments made from this pattern, the following must be stated: Sewn using the “Olinda” pattern by erbsünde.