Digital Sewing Pattern Culottes Pants AZUR (EU 32-56)


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Din A4 pattern (35 pages) and Din A0 for download

Detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions

SIZES: EU 32 – 56


All soft, non-stretch fabrics like viscose, cotton poplin, linen, muslin, satin, etc.

Azur is a comfortable, wide-falling culotte with large seam pockets and an elastic waistband. The pants are worn at the waist and have a long length. The length can be customized as needed. The culotte can be worn year-round, depending on the choice of fabric. Aus nicht dehnbaren, leichten Stoffen, wie Viskose und Baumwolle im Frühjahr und Sommer – aus dickerer, weich fallender Webware in den kühleren Jahreszeiten.


  • Length can be adjusted according to your preference


With this pattern, you can sew culottes with wide legs and an elastic waistband.

Body Measurement Chart
The following table helps you to choose the right size Choose the size based on your hip circumference.

Größe/Size EU3234
Taillenumfang/Waist circumfencebis/up to 70 cmbis/up to 75 cmbis/up to 80 cmbis/up to 85cmbis/up to 90 cmbis/up to 94cm
Hüftumfang/Hip circumfencebis/up to 87 cmbis/up to 90 cmbis/up to 93 cmbis/up to 97 cmbis/up to 100 cmbis/up to 105 cm
Größe/Size EU444648505254
Taillenumfang/Waist circumfencebis/up to 97 cmbis/up to 100 cmbis/up to 105 cmbis/up to 112 cmbis/up to 118 cmbis/up to 123 cm
Hüftumfang/Hip circumfencebis/up to 110 cmbis/up to 115cmbis/up to 120 cmbis/up to 125 cmbis/up to 130 cmbis/up to 135 cm
Größe/Size EU56
Taillenumfang/Waist circumfencebis/up to 130 cm
Hüftumfang/Hip circumfencebis/up to 140 cm

Fabric Recommendation
All soft, non-stretch fabrics like viscose, cotton poplin, linen, muslin, satin, etc., are suitable.

Required Fabric Length (for a fabric width of approximately 145 cm)

Größe/Size EU32343638404244
Stofflänge/Fabric length2m2m2m2m2m2m2,5m
Größe/Size EU464850525456
Stofflänge/Fabric length2,5m2,5m2,5m2,5m2,5m2,5m

Required Materials

  • Fabric (see above)
  • 3-4 cm wide elastic band (waist circumference minus appr. 7 cm).
  • Adhesive tape for assembling the pattern
  • Scissors, measuring tape, pins, or clips
  • Sewing machine, serger/coverlock machine (if available), iron

Seam and hem allowances
The pattern does not include seam and hem allowances; you will need to add them individually when cutting.

Included files

  • 1 x ebook in German (comprehensive, illustrated guide as a PDF + A4 sewing pattern) for download
  • 1 x sewing instructions in English
  • 1 x A4 sewing pattern for download
  • 1 x A0 sewing pattern for download

Legal Notices
All rights to this sewing pattern are owned by Ilka Matthiessen. This pattern is allowed for personal use and can also be used for creating up to 20 items for commercial sale. If you want to sell more, please acquire a commercial license.. Mass production of garments made from this sewing pattern, as well as sharing, selling, trading, copying, reproducing, or publishing (even partially) this sewing pattern, is strictly prohibited. When selling garments made using this pattern, you must indicate: Sewn using the “Azur” pattern by erbsuende.