What is an ebook?

An eBook in this context refers to a sewing pattern provided in the form of a downloadable PDF file. You save the file on your PC, then print the pages on your printer and assemble the pattern by sticking it together. Afterward, you can trace or cut out the desired size of the pattern and create a paper pattern from a digital file (ebook).

What happens after purchasing an ebook?

If you have purchased an ebook in the shop, you will receive a download link for your purchased product after the payment has been processed. You then download this and save it directly to your PC.
Important: Please only print the pattern after you have saved it, as it might not display correctly otherwise.

I am asked for a password to open a file.

None of our files need to be opened with a password. If you are asked for a password, it simply means that you do not have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
Please download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, and then you can easily download, save, open, and print any of our documents.

May I use the files (sewing patterns) for commercial purposes?

Unless otherwise specified, all erbsünde sewing patterns and ebooks may be used for personal purposes and for creating up to 20 total copies, including for commercial sales. This means you are allowed to, for example, create and sell a total of 20 hats using the Gorra ebook, or a total of 20 bags embellished with an erbsünde cutting file. If you want to sell more, please acquire a commercial license.. This allows you to sell up to 50 or 100 copies within one year. After the year expires, the commercial license needs to be renewed. Mass production is expressly prohibited.

Am I allowed to sell the erbsünde plotter files printed as iron-on transfers?

No, unfortunately, this is not allowed. You are allowed to use erbsünde’s plotter files to embellish clothing and accessories. Finished embellished products can be sold within the permitted quantity (up to 20 copies in total, or with an additional commercial license, up to 50 or 100 copies in a year).

No, the sharing or trading of purchased ebooks and plotter files with others is not allowed.

No, under no circumstances, as this would be illegal and could result in legal consequences for you. The files are subject to copyright protection. The purchase of an ebook or a plotter file only allows you to use the files, but not to distribute them! Distribution, resale, exchange, copying, printing, or publication (even in part) of the ebooks and plotter files is expressly prohibited and will be prosecuted criminally in case of violation. This also includes sharing with your sister or best friend – sharing is NOT allowed in general, everyone must purchase their own pattern if they want to use it.

I have a question about a sewing pattern and would like to post a photo of the assembled pattern in a group to better explain. Am I allowed to do that?

No, you are not allowed to do that. A pattern cannot be photographed and the photo shared, neither in closed nor in public Facebook groups or on other platforms (as mentioned in the previous question).

Am I allowed to showcase clothing items sewn using erbsünde patterns or creations embellished with erbsünde plotter files in groups.

Yes, feel free to do so! We would be delighted if you share your creative outcomes! On your website, blog, Facebook page, and also in groups. Please mention the name of the used sewing pattern while doing so.
You’re also welcome to join our Facebook groups erbsünde Schnittstelle” or “erbsünde PLUS – wir lieben Kurven” (from size 46) and connect with others there. We look forward to having you!

Can I use erbsünde sewing patterns for workshops?

If you want to organize a workshop or sewing class using erbsünde sewing patterns, please contact us via email (info@erbsuende.com). The process would roughly look like this: Your participants purchase the required pattern from my shop and bring it to the class – alternatively, we can discuss a special price that you can include in the course fee. The participants will then receive their personal ebook copy directly from us.
We would be happy to provide you with details and discuss the process and requirements together with you.

Am I allowed to use the free sewing patterns for workshops in schools or crafting activities in kindergartens?

If you would like to sew e.g. a pillow together with children, for example, you are welcome to use the free tutorials for that purpose. However, please make sure you conduct the course on a voluntary basis and inform us in advance via email (info@erbsuende.com) about your usage. However, the tutorials and free books may NOT be used for paid courses and workshops.

My PC is broken, and all files on it are lost, including the ebooks from erbsuende. What can I do?

All files purchased after our shop transition in August 2017 are permanently available for download via the purchase link in the order confirmation email or in your customer account. So you can re-download lost files at any time.
If this is not possible, it may be due to technical reasons. In this case, please send us an email at info@erbsuende.com, including your order number, and we will reactivate the files for you.
Ebooks and plotter files purchased before August 2017 cannot be replaced in case of loss, unfortunately.

Any further questions?

Do you have more questions that haven’t been answered here?
In that case, please send us an email at info@erbsuende.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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