Paper pattern for Oversize Poncho Cape HERA (34-60)


Paper Pattern + Sewing Manual

Colored printed paper pattern for cutting or tracing by mail.

Comprehensive, illustrated step-by-step instructions as a PDF (download link included in the paper pattern).

Sizes: S-M-L (appr. 34-60)


Suitable fabrics include wool fabrics, coat fabrics, wool walk, fleece fabrics, etc.

Hera is a cozy oversized poncho with a zipper and a large belly pocket. The cape can be sewn with a high stand-up collar or a lined hood. Made from cozy, warm wool fabrics or fleece, Hera can be worn both outdoors and at home.


  • Stand-up collar with zipper
  • Hood with zipper
  • Optional large belly pocket


With this sewing pattern, you can create a cozy oversized poncho with a zipper collar or hood and a large belly pocket.

Body measurement chart
The table serves as a guideline for selecting the right size. If desired, you can also sew a larger size to have an even more oversized and super cozy poncho.

Größe/Size EUS
Konfektionsgröße/Standard Size EU34 - 4042 - 4850 - 60
Brustumfang/Chest Circumfence86 - 102 cm103 - 121 cm122 - 150 cm

Fabric recommendation
Suitable fabrics include wool fabrics, coat fabrics, boiled wool, fleece fabrics, etc.

Required Fabric Length (with a fabric width of 145cm)

2.5 meters x full fabric width – for all sizes

Required Materials

  • Fabric (see above)
  • Zipper, 60 cm long, non-separable or continuous
  • Optional: some interfacing for reinforcing the fabric at the zipper
  • Scissors, measuring tape, pins, or clips
  • Sewing machine, serger/coverlock machine (if available), iron

Seam and hem allowances
The pattern does not include seam allowances, they must be added individually.

Legal Notices
All rights to this sewing pattern are owned by Ilka Matthiessen. This pattern is allowed for personal use and can also be used for creating up to 20 items for commercial sale. If you wish to sell more, please acquire a commercial license. Mass production of garments made using this sewing pattern, as well as sharing, selling, trading, copying, printing, or publishing (even partially) this sewing pattern, is strictly prohibited. When selling garments made using this sewing pattern, the following must be stated: Sewn using the ‘Hera’ sewing pattern by erbsuende.